Will you join us in finishing the year more fervent in prayer, more faithful in service and more generous than ever before!

750 New Giving Commitments

Your giving enables Hillside to impact lives at Hillside, in our community and around the world. When you give, you become a part of something much larger than yourself and it actually puts you right in the middle of ministry. We realize everyone is in different places when it comes to giving, but we also realize that everyone is able to participate in giving back to God some of what He has provided for you. We are asking that you pray and consider living out your story here at Hillside in one of the following ways:

  • If you are not currently participating in giving that you start today with a gift of any amount.
  • If you are someone who gives on occasion, we ask that you make your gift a consistent one.
  • If you are currently all in with your giving, we thank you and ask that you consider moving your consistency into a greater generosity.
  • And then, with the year-end approaching, would you pray about a sacrificial gift to impact the stories of those who need it most?
Give Generously

5,000 NAMES

This year, we have begun our “I Believe” moments, asking people to boldly stand and proclaim their faith. In that time, we have seen hundreds of new believers stand and declare their faith with many more following in baptism.

Along with that, we are now seeing more and more young families move east. Our hope is that we can continue the movement of Hillside through planting venues east of here, starting with our East Venue that meets on our campus.

As we close 2017, we are asking God to move powerfully in the lives of 5,000 people who do not know Jesus and we’d love you to join us in prayer! Those 5,000 represent souls of your family, friends and co-workers who all have stories worth changing. Who you are committing to pray for this next month?

Commit to Praying

500 New Volunteers

We are all unique individuals created in the image of God with special gifts, talents and abilities. As we seek to follow the teachings of Jesus, we live out the reality that saved people, serve people.

With that in mind, our weekday and weekend gatherings take a lot of people to make them work and that is never more true than at Christmas. If you call Hillside home, we ask that you would commit to serving one gathering this Christmas at Hillside and than attending another with your friends and family. It is a great opportunity to help impact our community while opening doors to serving and meeting people in the new year.

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How will you end 2017?

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